Pricing Options & Support


Considering the different types of educational institutions, we developed two versions of Wise Timetable software:

Our licence covers one working place for creating/maintaining timetables, and it’s provided by USB dongle  and it will work in any of your computers. Quantity discount applies if more dongles are bought.

Our licence prices does not depend on number of students or University size, and it is not time limited.


Notice that WTT licence includes all you need for creating and maintaining timetables (database, large number of publishing web pages, covering module, final exam…). Anyways, we also provide a number of interactive web applications which are contained in one additional option which cost 2.200 EUR (2.780 USD). Interactive web applications are:


As mentioned, our licenses are not time limited, but when upgrading to new major software versions (e.g. 5.0 → 6.0) will cost 50% of the paid licenses price. Upgrades between major versions (e.g. 5.1.2., 5.1.3….) are free of charge.

Also, we provide custom software development, which is covered by individual agreements.


Even when software is extremely easy to use, like Wise Timetable is, sometimes you need a help hand for more complicated tasks. In aim to make your work easier, better and quicker we created Support Package which includes our immediate responsiveness for solving your problems and giving you advice about optional usage of the software in your situation.

Price for 6 months of support is 580 EUR (740 USD) with paying in advance.

In case you have any additional questions or if you need any kind of assistance with software/demo versions, please contact scheduling team and we will respond to you as soon as possible.


Timetabling just got better! Release Notes

Try new version 5 for free:

Timetabling software features:

  • Manual and automatic course scheduling in multiple weeks.
  • All necessary modules are already included in the license.
  • You reach desired results fast, with simple data entry.
  • Even most complex and largest timetables can be easily handled. Enterprise system for large universities.
  • Suitable for every educational system.
  • Web access and publishing is done with one click.
  • Wise Timetable check everything you do, but never put limits on what you want to create.

Every wish of our customers is fulfilled...

  • You can keep two different schedules in two different databases - one is testing base and the other is the real one for publicity.

  • Let software find the optimal professor for a course instead of You. It saves so much time and is reliable 100%.

  • Send automatically to professors, groups and students their own schedules.

  • Enable option to include iCalendar in e-mails. It is compatible with any kind of online calendars.

  • Set breaks for the whole semester at a certain time every day. More breaks during day are also possible.

  • Easily move activity from one room to other available at different time in week, or at the same day. And all that from the main workspace of application.

  • With personnel records, you always have available information about how many hours any of professors achieved.

  • After entry of data, make the whole schedule in a few moments and with one single click with automatic generation.


  • 1.

    “When you get used to the Wise Timetable application it is really wonderful.”

  • 2.

    “I can publish changed timetables on our website only with one click. Before Wise Timetable I spend a lot of time for coordina­tion and creating new PDF files and sending them to web page administrator.”

  • 3.

    “Colleagues form other depart­ments of our Faculty, who do not use Wise Timetable yet, are always surprised how little it takes me to finish schedule.”

  • 4.

    “Your software has really improved transparency of our schedules.”

  • 5.

    “I recommend Wise Timetable to everyone because it makes my work easier.”

  • 6.

    “First of all I want to tell you that I am very satisfied with the Wise Timetable and this is the third time I am creat­ing timetable for my Faculty. I did not need any help in using the applica­tion; it is very easy to learn.”

  • 7.

    “I can’t imagine timetables preparation without Wise Timetable, because with use of this software we avoid most demand­ing phase in planning of a teaching process: preparation and reporting of all courses and lecturers timetables.”

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